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The Mission.....

Midlife by Design is established to help individuals live purposeful and productive livesby learning how to interpret, and integrate personal experiences for empowerment, purpose and fulfillment.


Midlife by Design Growth & Wellness Consultants provide online counseling, coaching, mentoring services at the convenience of your computer, tablet or mobile device .

You also have the option of scheduling a visit in our office suite, please go to the "contact page" for more information.

Services include:

  • Counseling / Individual, Couples & Family 

  • Empowerment Coach Training

  • Personal & Business Branding

  • Life / Career / Business Coaching

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Spiritual Support

  • Free personal development/ growth resources

To fully express the “being” phase of your human experience….

Let MBD experts help you  experience life by original design.


For more information, please call us toll free (800) 413-3057

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  • Midlife by Design Personal Empowerment
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