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Drama Therapy Group

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theater Masks.jpg

Drama Therapy is a therapeutic mechanism that allows participants to express themselves non-verbally and under the guise of ‘play’ and ‘pretend.’ By creating diversions from current real-life experiences, events, circumstances, roles, patterns, and actions, participants can act in new ways, experiment with alternatives, and gain new insights. In addition, role playing is described as a liberating experience, allowing one to expand their current role in life or step into another person’s shoes.

Additional benefits and goals of drama therapy include:

  • Expression of feelings

  • Telling one’s story

  • Act out/work out issues and problems

  • Symptom relief

  • Emotional and physical integration

  • Catharsis

  • Expand depth of inner experiences

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Increase sense of play and spontaneity

  • Develop trust

  • Work out relationship issues

  • Improve interpersonal/social skills

  • Strengthen or expand personal life roles

  • Increase flexibility


For those who have completed (are in the process of completing) your “Authentic Self” program, Drama Therapy will be a useful technique for reinforcing your Authentic Self in your “real world” situations.

Utilizing scripts which include portraying your self-concept in the most idealistic representation could establish a more secure execution of core attributes.


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