Cognitive Social Therapy

Cognitive Social Therapy Group

Carolyn Catchings, LPC, Personal Empowerment Coach

In a collective society, each man subordinates himself to the standards of the majority”. ~Ayn Rand

The dichotomy of "being yourself" is, it is the most difficult thing to do but it is also the easiest thing to do!

There is no predetermined script , blueprint or model for the authentic you; therefore your are the author

and architect of your design.

Cognitive Social Therapy is an integration of Social Learning Theory, Gestalt Therapy and Cognitive Restructuring Therapy, developed by Carolyn Catchings, MA, LPC, CRC. Cognitive social therapy is offered in a group sessions and provides clients with customized tools to incorporate self awareness, mindfulness, and cognitive restructuring to represent themselves authentically and confidently in social environments.


If you are experiencing difficulty in engaging social environments or meeting new people, you possibly have been conditioned by “group think” or subordinated by a collective society. Collectivism forces one to become less of an independent thinker. While it may seem easier to subject oneself to the opinions of the majority, it ultimately diminishes the confidence to express individuality. Expressing individuality is the key to becoming more confident in social situations.


Cognitive social therapy utilizes Gestalt techniques to adapt your intentions to the context of the current environment. In other words, you remain in the “script” of your personal intention wherever you go. A person is more confident when they remain within their script or intention. It is the transitioning to the script of the majority that makes one feel inadequate or insecure, because they are not in the full content of their individuality. Cognitive Social Therapy helps restore your inherent freedom of self- expression in the context of social environments.